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About Us

Shenzhen Cheng Tai Rubber Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993. Cheng Tai produces Silicone raw material-base for diverse business enterprises. Relying on independent technology development and using foreign advanced production experiences, Cheng Tai produces a variety of condensation-type silicone (RTV-2); add molding silicone (ADDITION), RTV-1HTV, PSA, PRIMER, electronic thermal silica gel, Poly supporting materials and other products.

With 16 years of experience with raw materials we still strive to be innovative. We use extensive market research and client feedback to improve our professionalism. We have developed a variety of silicone adult taste toy products specialized to achieve true simulation. We continue to strive to produce the world's most high-quality and most environmentally friendly taste products.

Competitive products that are available now are mostly made from PVC or TPR rotary raw materials. The use of these products might cause some inconvenience, bodily harm and even damage to our environment. Customer satisfaction is our priority. After years of thorough research and innovation, we created some unique Silicone fun products. The pursuit of high quality products and satisfying the needs of our customers are the ultimate goals of Cheng Tai.

Environmentally friendly products have become the norm. By listening to the market demands, we have opted to go "green". We wish everyone to have a safe, high quality and happy life! Through the promotion of our products, we would like to put our best efforts forward. 

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